Typeright: Officially Released and Packed With Brand-New Feature

Not much time has passed since we announced the transition of Grammatica becoming Typeright, and today’s the day: Typeright is out now for you to download on the App and Play Store!

Typeright’s official release is by far not all yet – we’re also incredibly proud and excited to show off our brand-new Translation Feature available for all iOS devices! Prep yourself for what’s about to come. 

Typeright Meets Translation

Non-native English speakers might find it hard from time to time when having to write something in English. Be it an essay a student has to write for their English class or a colleague from work who lives abroad and struggles with formulating an email about an ingenious business idea to their CEO. No matter your language skills, you’ll always stumble on a word or phrase you know in your own language but fail to remember in English. It’s on the tip of your tongue, and you cannot shake this feeling off. We get you. And that’s why we’re so proud of Typeright’s translation feature. 

What It Is & How It Works

The new translation feature gives Plus members the best of both worlds: the power of translation from the iTranslate app, combined with Typeright’s writing assistance. So, how does it work? Whatever you choose: drafting within the stand-alone app or writing in any other app using the keyboard extension – Typeright’s got you covered. Let’s say you’re right in the middle of writing a sentence in English, and then you suddenly come to a halt because you don’t know the word or phrase you want to use. You no longer need to close the app and open iTranslate to look up the translation. While typing, you can already get the desired translation simply by tapping on the iTranslate globe symbol. Choose one of over 61  languages as the input, type in the word or phrase, and Typeright will automatically add the translated word or phrase exactly where you previously left off in your sentence. Perfecting your English writing skills has never been easier!

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