iTranslate Releases Dark Mode with iOS 13

Dark Mode, a stand-alone Watch app, a new iPad feature, and more comes with our most recent iTranslate iOS 13 update! Continue reading to get all the insights!

Here’s what’s new at a glance:

  • Dark Mode
  • Offline Speech Recognition
  • Stand-Alone Watch App
  • Multiple Windows Feature for iPad
  • Support for Siri Shortcut Parameter

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is probably the best iOS 13 feature and the most visual change. It changes the look of the operating system from light to dark. You can choose the aesthetic you prefer, and can also choose to toggle your interface based on ambient lighting conditions or a specific schedule. Or just switch to Dark Mode because the Light Mode is a bit too harsh on your eyes at night. It is also rumoured that using Dark Mode on your iOS devices can save some battery, since the pixels on OLED displays turn off when displaying black, however Apple hasn’t given any feedback on that (yet). For our most recent iTranslate update, we’ve put in extra effort to give you the best iTranslate experience. Therefore you’re now able to fully enjoy our app in Dark Mode! 

Offline Speech Recognition

With the release of iOS 13 Apple has added on-device Speech Recognition. Meaning that speech-recognition finally works without an internet connection. However, availability is currently limited to 7 languages. In comparison when online users have a larger range of languages to choose from – over 50. Still, the roll out of offline speech recognition has brought a range of new possibilities to many apps, including ours. Before when using Offline Mode you were only able to input written text, whereas now you’re able to translate voice.  Offline language packs are still required to translate offline and must be installed before using this feature. 

Stand-Alone Watch App

iTranslate for Apple Watch has now become an independent watchOS app. But what does that mean?

Well, in general there are two types of apps for your Apple Watch:

  • Independent apps don’t need an iOS companion app to operate properly. Users can choose to install the iOS app, the watchOS app, or both. 
  • Dependent apps rely on the iOS companion (mostly an iPhone) to function properly. Those apps are created only when the watchOS app needs to interact with the iOS companion. Users must purchase and install the watchOS app with its iOS companion. In watchOS 5 and earlier, all watchOS apps are dependent apps.

So now you don’t need your iPhone other iOS device as a companion anymore to run iTranslate on your Apple Watch. 

Multiple Windows -Feature for iPad

We’ve also optimised the iTranslate app for your iPad. This means that iTranslate now supports the Multiple Windows feature. Unlike the Split View feature you’re already familiar with, where you can use two different apps at the same time, the Multiple Windows feature allows you to open certain app features of the same app like “Phrasebook,” “Favourites” and “Voice Mode” in a new window in Split View. Meaning, you’ve got the same app opened in two different windows, depending which app feature you’d like to use at the same time. To do so, simply drag the symbol of one of the features to one side of the screen. It’s that easy! 

Support Siri Shortcut Parameters

With the latest iTranslate update, we now also support Siri Shortcut Parameters. For those who don’t know what those “Parameters” are or do: they enable an interactive voice experience in Siri with follow-up questions, and allow people to customise shortcuts in the Shortcuts app. This opens up totally new use cases for what people can do with Siri and other apps, including ours!

We update iTranslate all the time with both new features and improvements to our current features. So you better get the newest version of iTranslate on your iOS device now, if you haven’t already downloaded it yet. 😉 

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