Celebrating 1,000,000 Reviews and a 4.62 Star Rating

Thank you!

Celebrating 1,000,000 Reviews and a 4.62 Star Rating

Every once in a while, we pause and reflect on where we are as a company. There’s already so much we’ve achieved over the last couple of years. Some of those achievements are obvious milestones, like winning the Apple Design Award in 2018 for iTranslate Converse. Some are long-anticipated, like releasing the latest iOS 13 update for iTranslate. And some of them slowly build over time, like the one we’re celebrating today: having over 1,000,000 reviews on the App Store! 

Why do we care so much about reviews?

Your feedback is essential when it comes to rating the successful impact of our apps. Of course, data and analytics tools have become a necessity nowadays. But honest user feedback is just as crucial, because hearing from you is the best way for us to learn on how we can improve!

Reviews vs. Great Reviews

Every company is familiar with the one “problem” when it comes to customer success: it’s in fact really easy to get reviews, but incredibly hard to get good ones. People are motivated to review by emotional responses, particularly negative ones. Content customers and users often go on their way without sharing their feelings.

So with that in mind, we can undoubtedly say that we’re immensely proud for holding an average rating of 4.62 out of 5 on the App Store! From customer success, marketing, design and especially product development… thank you!!

Never think your comments are unnoticed, ignored, or unwelcome. We will continue to listen to your feedback and can’t wait to hear more of your customer success stories! Just send us an email to blog@itranslate.com with the subject “my story”!

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Your iTranslate Team