iTranslate Android: Release of Bixby Capsule & Newest “Swift”-Feature

It’s official! We’ve released our own iTranslate capsule for the Bixby Marketplace! Check out this article to get more details on this, as well as some other exciting news regarding iTranslate for Android!

Samsung’s high-end Android phones, like the Galaxy S8 and S8+, now come with their own “intelligence assistant” called Bixby, in addition to supporting Google Assistant. You can interact with this new AI assistant using your voice, text, or taps. Next to the assistant itself comes the Bixby marketplace. It’s a one-stop shop for users to browse and add a wide range of services (known as capsules) to enhance their Bixby experience. Those services are provided by either Samsung itself or third-party developers. It’s planned that the offered services will increase over time, since more and more developers see the potential to market their products in an efficient way on Bixby’s marketplace. Although some Bixby features are not (yet) available in certain countries or regions, Samsung plans to expand the store in the near future.

So what’s the deal with Bixby and iTranslate?     

Well, we wouldn’t just bring up the topic about Bixby, if there wouldn’t be some news on our end at iTranslate as well, especially since there already are various articles about Bixby on other blogs. But we’re immensely proud to say, that iTranslate is one of the first 3rd-party developers that have officially launched its own capsule for Bixby with the latest Bixby Marketplace release. With the iTranslate integration you can easily translate from and to 30 different languages using voice commands directly from Bixby (but it’s also possible to enter the text manually). It’s super easy to use. And we also provide some possible phrases to show you how to communicate with Bixby in the most efficient way.

And what about iTranslate Swift?

Besides the iTranslate Bixby integration, we’ve also released the iTranslate Swift feature for Android devices. With this feature you can easily translate text parts and phrases while reading articles or blogs on the internet on your Android device. There’s no need anymore to switch to the iTranslate app and type or paste the desired text for the translation. Just select the desired piece of the text, go to the “More Menu” and get the correct translation in an instant on the top of your screen. 

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