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Category: How To Say

  • Hello


    As a traveler, it is always important to be able to greet people in their local language. Here is a guide on how to say “Hello” in some common languages. Bon voyage!

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  • Thank You

    Thank You

    When traveling to a new country or meeting other people who speak a different language, learning a few phrases in their local language is essential. For example, saying “thank you” is one of the most important things you should know, and there are many ways to say it depending on the language, the country’s respective culture, and the situation. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how to say “thank you” in different languages.

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  • I’m sorry.

    I’m sorry.

    In saying “Sorry” and to apologize, you admit that you did something wrong. However, the difference between these two phrases is very subtle but still impactful, depending on the situation. Ultimately, it depends on how heartfelt your remorse is.  I’m sorry. If you genuinely regret and feel remorse for what you did, you say sorry. […]

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