iTranslate Translations Are Powered by Neural Networks

The desire of humans to understand each other across language barriers has always driven the development of tools that could assist them in doing so. With the advent of computers in the 20th century, using software for automatic translation of text in one language to another was one of the earliest goals in computer science, founding the subfield of machine translation. Continue reading iTranslate Translations Are Powered by Neural Networks

API 101: Architecture – Part 1

When two (or more) systems communicate with each other through an API, there is a protocol with pre-defined functions that make this communication possible. But, of course, there isn’t just one way how systems transfer data and information. There are several types of APIs used for various use-cases, as we explained in our previous article. For every kind of API, there are specific protocols that define the rules for the accepted data types and commands. And today’s the day where we give you some understanding of the beautiful world of API architecture.  Continue reading API 101: Architecture – Part 1

The Three Types Of APIs

The “Application Programming Interface,” or API in short, is a crucial element in today’s technology-driven world. Today we’ll show you the three types of APIs and explain the differences between them.
However, if you have no clue what an API is, make sure to check out our previous articles! You don’t want to miss these articles there before you continue reading here 😉 Continue reading The Three Types Of APIs

APIs for Dummies – An Introduction For Non-Devs

You might’ve heard that we at iTranslate offer our translation API for you to use for your own products and projects. (Hello, self-promotion!) This leads us to this article here: we think it’s necessary to provide a general introduction to this topic, and we have to start somewhere, right? Ok, now, put on our smart-looking glasses and get ready to learn some stuff you can use to sound oh-so-clever at your next family dinner. Continue reading APIs for Dummies – An Introduction For Non-Devs