iTranslate takes your Business Global

What do businesses in the Hotel & Hospitality industry, transportation services, and tourism have in common? All of them work with customers around the world and need to rely on translation services to deliver their services. A reliable, on-demand translation is critical for the success of today’s businesses, and iTranslate leads the way. Translation agencies and professional interpreters can take a long time to find and are quite expensive, especially for smaller companies or independent entrepreneurs. Keep reading to find out how iTranslate steps in as a reliable and affordable translation partner for any business.

What are business translations?

As the combination suggests, translations used for business purposes are called business translations – so much for the theory. In practice, it involves direct communication with international customers, business partners, guests, and clients. But it can also mean the availability of a company’s web presence to global users, as well as translating certain documents or services. The possibilities are unlimited. In general, it could be anything that relates to a specific business, company, product, or service. 

Companies’ daily struggle with language barriers

Let’s have a look at the tourism industry. Back when travel and tourism first began (so a very long time ago), long-distance travel was too expensive and too difficult for the majority of people, so most never ventured far from home. If people traveled, they would go to a neighboring town or country, where people most probably have spoken the same language. Today, everything has changed. International tourism organizations sprouted from the ground to encourage international travel, and companies have been founded to focus on the travel & tourism industry. Now, tourism and international travel are booming. In fact, the hospitality business is the fastest growing industry with an estimated new job creation every 25 seconds. 

This also means that the competition is fierce. Hotels rely on positive ratings and reviews from their guests to survive. The ability to take care of guests of different nationalities, cultural backgrounds, and mother-tongues is an enormous part of the industry. The experience starts with the website, where guests most probably won’t book when they’re not able to understand the content but also covers in-house literature or documents like menus, itineraries, in-room directories, maps, signs – the list goes on. It ends with the staff that has to communicate with the guests themselves to create meaningful, personalized experiences.

On the one hand, multilingual staff is rare, and of limited use, because there are so many languages, patrons may speak. On the other hand, translation agencies or professional interpreters are quite expensive and can’t create the intimate experiences guests are looking for. What should you do when a guest or customer is standing right in front of you, and you both are trying to communicate with gestures and hand signs since you don’t speak the same language?

Business translations with iTranslate in practice

iTranslate is affordable, always at hand, and easy-to-use. It works for both iOS and Android devices, so it already covers the majority of today’s phones and tablets. If you’re working on your computer, you can also use iTranslate online. 

Flight attendants frequently have no internet connection while airborne. Even though it is common for flight staff to speak multiple languages, we know that there are situations when they’re unable to communicate with passengers because of language differences. In these situations, it’s impossible to have a reliable translator at hand or call an interpreter. For cases like these, we’ve created iTranslate offline capabilities. You can translate offline between 38 (and more to come) of the most common languages, without any language-pair restrictions! 

iTranslate is not only available for personal use, but also offers business and education solutions. 

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